Our taxation service includes:

  1. Filing of yearly tax returns for all types of entities, ie Sdn Bhd companies, Koperasi, Association (Persatuan), Sole Proprietor and Individual, expat/expatriate, foreigners.
  2. Discussing Tax Reductions with the Inland Revenue Board (IRB), Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN)
  3. Assisting our client in Tax Investigations carried out by the IRB.
  4. Discussing tax installment schemes with the tax authorities.
  5. Undertaking Tax Legal cases by engaging and assisting tax lawyers.
  6. Undertaking tax appeals.
  7. Good and Service Tax – GST appeals.
  8. Undertake to file several years tax back log cases.
  9. Help resolve Withholding tax issues, and Transfer Pricing.
  10. Calculate tax on Foreign Exchange Gains (realised gains/unrealized gains).
  11. Calculate tax on debts waived by creditors, bankers, holding companies, subsidiary companies related companies and others.
  12. Give Tax Advice / tax Consultants in Restructuring Exercise.
  13. Registration and submission of Sales & Services Tax (SST).

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